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The Wuhan Gang, including Joseph Stilwell, Agnes Smedley, Evans Carlson, Frank Dorn, Jack Belden, S.T. Steele, John Davies, David Barrett and more, were the core of the Americans who were to influence the American decision-making on behalf of the Chinese communists. 
It was not something that could be easily explained by Hurley's accusation in late 1945 that American government had been hijacked by 
i) the imperialists (i.e., the British colonialists whom Roosevelt always suspected to have hijacked the U.S. State Department)  
and ii) the communists. At play was not a single-thread Russian or Comintern conspiracy against the Republic of China but an additional channel 
that was delicately knit by the sophisticated Chinese communist saboteurs to employ the above-mentioned Americans for their cause The Wuhan Gang & The Chungking Gang, i.e., the offsprings of the American missionaries, diplomats, military officers, 'revolutionaries' & Red Saboteurs and the "Old China Hands" of the 1920s and the herald-runners of the Dixie Mission of the 1940s. (Note that the Soviet Red Army military advisers sent to China were mostly German Jews, and the Comintern agents sent to China were mostly American Jews.)
Wang Bingnan's German wife, Anneliese Martens, physically won over the hearts of the Americans by providing the wartime 'bachelors' with special one-on-one service per Zeng Xubai's writings.  Though, Anna Wang [Anneliese Martens], in her memoirs, expressed jealousy over Gong Peng by stating that the Anglo-American reporters had flattered the Chinese communists and the communist movement as a result of being entranced with the goldfish-eye'ed personal assistant of Zhou Enlai
Stephen R. Mackinnon & John Fairbank invariably failed to separate fondness for the Chinese communist revolution from fondness for Gong Peng, the communist fetish who worked together with Anneliese Martens to infatuate American wartime reporters. (More, refer to the Communist Platonic Club at wartime capital Chungking.)
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Fa Lung Gong, a vocal force against the totalitarian regime of Chinese communists, had fared better than the democracy activists for its grassroots movement and financial resources. Ultimately, the fight against the communists will be a financial contest. The success of a protracted and sustaining struggle against a deep-pocket fascist communist regime depends on the financial capabilities of the opposing entity. However, for every ten dollars spent outside of mainland China, the utility could be merely one dollar; whereas, one dollar spent inside of China could achieve the utility of ten dollars. Also, a word of caution deserves here against the prevalent naive anticipation of a fast collapse of Chinese communist regime. Extra vigil must be paid to China's ferocious & predatory neighbors, far away or near by, for sake of guarding against the likely re-emergence of hundred-year intervals of historical turmoil because China of 21st century is no longer living in a shielded environment juxtaposed against the predictable nomadic Hunnic, Turkic & Mongol invaders any more. Should China disintegrate into one dozen countries now, the same way as Iraq is to divest into three states, China would never have a chance to reunite as a single entity ever. Any structural or system change for China, internally or externally induced, has to be implemented in a rational and balanced way. China's future is not a matter to be determined in 10 years or less, but could be up to 100 years, beyond which the uncertainty of its fate and fortune could set in. As ancient Chinese saying goes, it takes 10 years to plant a tree and 100 years to raise a person. "Raising a person [i.e., an ordinary Chinese person]" is a task that should be undertaken from ground up inside of China. FLG, with its grassroots movement and financial resources, could proceed with its cause in alternative and multiple approaches and channels, confronting the communist regime on the one hand but devising alternative non-confrontational operations to survive under the communist regime on the other hand, e.g., to act on funding China's education organizations and subsidizing grey-area publications inside of mainland China. The essential endeavours should be exerted to the upbringing of a new generation of Chinese patriots of ideals and devotion for the nation. Only after restoring the baseline of China's societal foundations and values [which had been destroyed by the communist regime] would there be possibility of a resurrected Chinese Nation.

It is said that many of the democracy activists had converted to Christianity, which reflected a prevalent belief that China and the Chinese people need a religion. Before the Communist Party declared Fa Lun Gong (Falungong) a cult, I already heard of similar complaints from some Christian Chinese in America. What might change China could still be something more native to the Chinese culture. Fa Lun Gong, a kind of mixture between Buddhism, Daoism, Qi-Gong and maybe some ingredients from Li Hongzhi, could be very well what the Chinese have been looking for. Falungong claimed that 70 million Chinese had been practicing it, which might have been the cause for the communist panic. The July 1999 persecution against the Falungong practioners, lacking the kind of street-wide physical conflicts and tortures as seen during the Cultural Revolution could still be said to have inherited the same cloak. The fortunate thing would be that the Chinese society was no longer in a black box as in the 1960s and 1970s. The end result of launching this kind of massive scale persecution could only backfire on the clique responsible for endorsing it.
China and the Chinese lived in terrors since Peng Pai and Mao Tse-tung launched rasal-proletariat peasant movements in 1927. Peng Pai had at one time claimed that communist law would be simply the execution of landlords once they were caught. Mao Tse-tung, directly responsible for the rascal movement in Hunan Prov in 1927, would be the red-handed culprits in the Purge of Anti-Bolshevik League during 1930-1931, the Purge of Trotskyists during 1937-1941, and the Rectification Movement during 1942-1945. In the caste section, we also listed CCP's bloody crackdowns, including
  • Suppression of Reactionaries Movement (1950),
  • "Three Anti" (1951),
  • "Five Anti" (1952),
  • "Three Anti" (1953),
  • Gao Gang Anti-Party Clique (1953-1954),
  • Hu Feng Anti-Party Clique (1954-1955),
  • Elimination of Counterrevolutionaries (1955),
  • Ding Ling & Chen Qixia Anti-Party Clique (1955 ?),
  • Rectification Movement (April 27th, 1957),
  • Anti-Rightist Movement (June 1957),
  • Peng Dehuai Anti-Party Clique (1959),
  • Anti-Rightist Trend (1959).
    Simply said, the CCP never stopped its bloody terror campaigns since inception in history, and its claws could be seen in the most recent crackdown on the Falungong practitioners. This section is entitled the 'Falungong Persecution'. I intend to propound the event of persecution endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), not to propagate the underpinning theories of Falungong. I am impressed by the persevering spirits of the Falungong practioners. I am also puzzled by its capabilities to fund large-scale activities overseas. I will continue to read into reports on Falungong for sake of getting a more impartial analysis of this movement and the persecutions their practioners had incurred. (But, it could take years before the underlying of FLG become known for an objective assessment. I had contemplated upon writing a history of "Communist China: 1949 to present", as part of trilogy on China, with an understanding that the modern history is the most daunting task that might not materialize till 10-20 years later. The other two volumes would be "Historical China" and "Republican China".)
    First is the prevalent anticipation of a fast collapse of Chinese communist regime, which had naively ignored two elements that applied and did not to the collapse of the Soviet Union, respectively: (The underlying logic behind "The China Exception: Russian Communism being wicked, Chinese are good communists" is an inherent fear of the Yellow Peril by the West, i.e., billion Chinese would actually enjoy real democracy, go to college and develop their intelligence. Also see century-long American hypocrisy towards China & American manipulations of Chinese politics [e.g., Stilwell's instigating General Bai Chongxi, Stuart's instigating Li Zongren, and McArthur's instigating General Sun Liren].)
    There are also some short-circuits in the FLG movement, i.e., over-reliance on "diety" and "fake science" for justification, and the alienation of the FLG movement from the Chinese people native to mainland China. Inside of Mainland China, under the heavy-handed crackdown by the communist regime, Falungong's influence could be seen in occasional leaflets dropped in front of shops in the commercial districts of major cities. The Fa Lun Gong practitioners, who had staged a 'silent protest' against the communist apparatus of Zhongnanhai in 1999, occasionally rallied their supporters for demonstrations on the Tian'an'men Square. Outside of China, it had achieved quite some success in the ascension to the status of a news media conglomerate, like Aljazeera or RT.com etc. Inside of China, however, there would be unlikely any open challenge to the government by the Falungong movement. This is why this webmaster had made the analogy that "for every ten dollars spent outside of mainland China, the utility could be merely one dollar; whereas, one dollar spent inside of China could achieve the utility of ten dollars". More proactive things could be undertaken by confronting the communist regime on the one hand but devising alternative non-confrontational operations to survive under the communist regime on the other hand, e.g., to act on funding China's education organizations and subsidizing grey-area publications inside of mainland China. Outside of China, the FLG practitioners, in one sense, had become equivalent to the status of the victims of forced abortions, and using the FLG buzz word, countless Chinese had obtained the permanent residence cards in about one year of declaring political asylum and then travelling back to China to bring back their family members. The FLG impact, versus the asylum cases built on forced abortions, could be hundred times or thousand times more. The most fatal thing for FLG would be its taking a non-Chinese path, i.e., developing its international presence in a semi-religious fervour while alienating itself from its members inside of mainland China. The FLG movement, by propagating the co-mingle with non-Chinese entities as shown in the list of non-Chinese names below, could have alienated the Chinese nationalist elements and caused more harm than gain to the Chinese cause:
    Volunteer Spokespersons:
    United States:
    Erping Zhang +1 646-533-6147
    Gail Rachlin +1 917-757-9780
    Levi Browde +1 914-720-0963
    Christina Chai +1 917-386-5068
    Joel Chipkar +1 416-709-8678
    Lucy Zhou +1 613-720-1551
    Hong Kong:
    Sharon Xu +852-9263-4150
    Sophie Xiao +852-9108-2057
    Peter Jauhal +44 799 054 1284
    Dr. Michael Pearson-Smith +61 (0) 409 500 271
    Kati Vereshaka + 61 (0) 408 165 094

    More flaws would be related to its declaration, guidelines and operations. FLG had declared for years that it had and has no political agenda, hence distancing itself from or refusing to identify with China's nascent democratic movements. In comparison with another school, i.e., "Zhong Gong", FLG had not undertaken the direct funding of the anti-China operations as Zhang Hongbao did to the political stability of Chinese communists. Zhang Hongbao, i.e., the founder of "Zhong Gong", had reportedly donated huge funds to the democracy activists overseas, which made the communists panic. Communist agents were dispatched to America for disrupting the democratic movement by instigating an in-fighting for the control of said donation funds among the democracy activists. -- So, the communist government knows clearly that money matters, just like i) Japan & Germany's funding Lenin's return to Russia from Germany and ii) Stalin's funding the Chinese communists. China's democratic organizations, for years, had been in low tide beacuse they lack funds. This is especially true after Taiwan's pro-independence "Democratic Progress Party" took rein and stubbornly distanced themselves from the fate of the billion mainland Chinese people. It is imperative that FLG officially join the cause of China's nascent democratic movements by revising its declaration, guidelines and operations.
    We know from history that China's dynasty had been changed at least twice by religious organizations, namely, Zhang Jiao's Daoist "Yellow Turbans" in Han Dynasty, and Yuan Dynasty's Red Turbans that were related to "Ming" [bright] religion. However, religious agitations might not work in today's world. (Religion-related rebellion that had crippled but failed to topple a dynasty would be the "White Lotus Society" and "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom", incidentally. Similarly, I had also read about Wang Dan's interpretation of today's China as condusive to a similar Chen Sheng & Wu Guang rebellion of Qin Dynasty [which was actually a rebellion of military recruits, not peasants]. History is a mirror; but history may not have to repeat. Chinese populace, who were incited into two huge anti-Japan protests in April 2005, were still obedient and disciplined subjects of the communist regime. Wise guy could tell that communist grip of the power did not wane at all.)
    My advice for FLG would be simple: in order to make FLG itself an integral part of the opposition in pushing for the victory over the communist government, FLG should make transparent its financials [corporate entity or non-profit organization], renounce the claim that it has no political agenda, formulate its belief system by discarding 'fake science', integrate itself with mainstream religions [like Buddhism], keep vigil against one-master adoration, declare an alliance with China's democratic organizations, and distance itself from the "international exposure" by splitting into two parts, i.e., Chinese part and non-Chinese part. China's future is not a matter to be determined in 10 years or less, but could be up to 100 years, beyond which the uncertainty of its fate and fortune could set in. As ancient Chinese saying goes, it takes 10 years to plant a tree and 100 years to raise a person. "Raising a person [i.e., an ordinary Chinese person]" is a task that should be undertaken from ground up inside of China. FLG, with its grassroots movement and financial resources, could proceed with its cause in alternative and varied alternatives, confronting the communist regime on the one hand but coexisting with the communist regime on the other hand. The essential endeavours should be exerted to the unbringing of a new generation of Chinese patriots of ideals and devotion for the nation. Only after restoring the baseline of China's societal foundations and values [which had been destroyed by the communist regime] would there be possibility of a resurrected Chinese Nation.

    Comment by Ah Xiang




    Having received quite some criticisms as to my making FLG a topic on my website, I will paste some reader's opinions as to Falungong below so as to make the matter presented in a balanced way.
    The feedback from "John" had lodged an accusation that FLG might be related to the CIA [with a classified $44 billion budget figure for year 2005], which lacked the solid corroborations. The United States, every year, is offering 2 billion US$ to Israel, plus 200-300 million to dictators like Mubarak of Egpyt and Musharaff of Pakistan. But I doubt the US will ever give the Chinese a trickle of it. Having examined the dollar amount of average Chinese donors, my conclusion is that the funding of the FLG projects could very well be from some "alternative Chinese or non-Chinese sources" than from the CIA or from the average Chinese FLG practitioners. However, "John" had seen something that most other Chinese had failed to perceive, i.e., the non-Chinese factor. There might be a possibility that FLG would mutate into a totally non-Chinese entity.

    The naivety in extrapolating the "openness" of the ancient Tang Dynasty, as represented by entities like the "Neo-Tang-Chinese TV Station", would be the result of ignorance on the matter of Chinese racial weakness and racial ego: In a similar syntax to Japanese Prime Minister Okuma Shigenobu's calling China's imperial millennia as being mostly occupied with "pleasure-seeking and literature-decoration", we could say that the sino-centric dynasties, past and present [including the Tang Dynasty emperors], had married away princesses & women and given away imperial bestowals in exchange for the aliens' appetite for China's wealth & women and the cheap acknowledgment of a nominal tribute-vassalage relationship.

    The feedback by "Jane", from some years back, was really the debating focus between FLG and the commies. FLG claimed that the Chinese communists had staged the "suicide" deaths on the Tiananmen Square in the propaganda war against FLG. Since the communist party's notoriety is well known, the CCP would find it hard to diffuse its complicity in this matter. The last sentence "FLG will be eliminated, no doubt" does sound to me that this particular feedback was the work of an overseas communist agent.

    This webmaster believes that China's crises had been masked by the emerging "Fa Lun Gong Movement" which was more to do with "religious expression" and "freedom of assembly". As Bai Shazhou had commented in the preface to "From Slave to Second-Class Citizen: The Peasants of Modern China" [Mirror Books, 2001], Chinese peasants had staged countless protests against the fascist Chinese government but their voice was virtually unheard outside of the countryside or abroad. The "Three Agri Issues", widely researched upon and propagated by the reformers and democracy activists before year 2000, had shifted to a lesser spot after the emergence of "Fa Lun Gong Movement". Though, both FLG and Chinese peasants share the same root cause of their sufferings and persecutions, i.e., the totalitarian rule of the Chinese communist party.


    From: John L

    [quote]I just wanted to write you an e-mail to let you know that your webpage really affected me.[quote] [quote]I consider myself to be a true patriot of the Chinese people and I feel very alone sometimes because I don't find many people who
    can understand how I feel.[quote] [quote]I love the China and my people, but but I am saddened and worried when I see the things going on today.[quote] [quote]Imagine my surprise when I found your webpage![quote] [quote]At first I thought that you were just someone out to bash Chinese people because of the webpage's name, but I soon realized that your thinking is very close to mine.[quote]
    [quote]I am impressed by all the historical and social knowledge that you posses, and I find it very accurate to my current experience.[quote] [quote]Not many Chinese in America care about what's going on back in the Mainland, even Chinese who claim to have "Chinese pride" just like to go back to China and exploit their American priviledge.[quote] [quote]It makes me sad.[quote] [quote]Whenever I travel to China, I cannot help but shed tears for the peasants and the migrants.[quote]
    [quote]... want to bring up the subject of Falun Gong.[quote] [quote]BE CAREFUL!!! They
    are very sinister.[quote] [quote]They seem like a spiritual movement but they are in fact
    working for the United States CIA.[quote] [quote]My uncle contacted the Falun Gong
    orgainization and requested some literature.[quote] [quote]He found that out of the
    entire board of directors, only one person was Chinese.[quote] [quote]The rest were white
    Americans.[quote] [quote]My uncle then did some research on the names that appear on the
    Falun Gong board of directors and some of them had ties to the American CIA.[quote]
    [quote]In addition, the last time I was in China, I spoke with my Chinese friends
    about Falun Gong and they had some very negative things to say about them.[quote]
    [quote]Just to let you know, my Chinese friends are very critical of the Chinese
    government and are in no way brainwashed by government propaganda.[quote]

    [quote]... I remember last Chinese
    New Year, FLG bought out about 2 hours of time on the local public access
    t.v. station and had their own t.v. special.[quote] [quote]During the special, they had
    this segment with a white man singing a western song in English!?[quote] [quote]It was
    supposed to be a Chinese New Year special and they featured a white man,
    singing a white song, in English.[quote] [quote]They also had this other segment where
    they featured obviously mixed half-Asian/half-white children dancing around
    and doing Falun Gong.[quote] [quote]Now, is that messed up or what?[quote]


    Reader 2:
    From: Jane C


    I found your web site whilst searching for: 'Falungong', but the condemning
    title: 'uglychinese' caught my eye and decided to read the article.

    The curt expression of support for the religious cult is somewhat
    disbelieving in relation to your views shown in the Chinese 'caste system'.

    I, as a 16 years old British student, disapprove of Fa Lun Gong. I lived in
    China for 9 years, until I came to the UK in 1995. I was born into a normal
    working class family, and as the only child, I never suffered or tormented
    due to money problems. Even though I have lived in England ever since, I'm
    still nostalgic of the time I spent in Beijing as a little girl, and hope to
    return there later in life.
    I go back to Beijing every year to see my grandparents, and other relatives.
    The motherland atmosphere always overwhelms me as I step off the plane. I've
    never been able to see my self as a member of the British society, well, I
    am Chinese. No matter how I change my appearance, I will forever remain a
    'dragon's successor'. Unlike some of my Chinese friends, whom are BBC
    (British born Chinese), I have so much more in common with the Chinese
    public than the nonchalant British. I, like said in your caste article,
    follow the traditional moral and values, such as remembering my ancestors
    and family. Thus I take great interest in Chinese news.

    Since I have lived overseas for such a long time, different aspects me would
    have inevitably changed. This is reflected in the way I think and precede in
    different circumstances. I have had the privilege in absorbing both the
    British and Chinese culture.

    I was in China a few years ago when the 'Communist members' were asked to
    congregate in front of the television after 'Xin Wen Lian Bou' to see the
    indecency of those Fa Lun Gong practitioners. I never took notice of these,
    as I considered them to be ordinary propaganda, but only when those
    activists who set themselves on fire in Tiananmen Square that I realised the
    significance of Li's mind boggling spell. I remember when the 12 years old
    girl, who went to display her and her mother's faith in FLG by the means of
    setting them on fire with gasoline was the most horrendous site I've seen.
    She wailed in pain as she was carried on a stretcher into an ambulance and
    screamed: 'Mum, Mum, Mum...'.
    Later it is realised that her mother was dead and that she was brought to
    Beijing without the knowledge of why she would want to burn her self, except
    the fact that her mother notified her that she would become a god like
    figure and leave the world in bliss. Of course what I have just described
    was taken from a documentary endorsed by CCTV, thus there is the question of
    the accuracy and whether or not the Communist party has manipulated it.
    However, I cannot see how the demonstration could have been a fix and the
    fact remains that those practitioners had a history away from connections to
    the government. It is unlikely that a loving mother would want her beautiful
    daughter to die so atrociously and most importantly, without integrity that
    a human being deserves. I guess when the FaLunGong headquarters expressed
    that the activists were not practitioners, I was sorely frustrated for the
    hypocrisy of this cult that abandoned its followers for the sake of their
    reputation. A mother and a father died in vain to show the world their
    faith, but they were condemned by what they believed in, what they loved and
    finally what they sacrificed for. And what kind of mother would want their
    child to suffer burns, than an uneducated, and a person deprived of
    knowledge, common sense and perhaps also love. Children whom died under
    their mother?s hands were widely reported on CCTV, and of course one could
    argue the nature of these stories. However they cannot discount the fact
    that people did die for FLG, and most I beloved were not directed but of
    their own actions.

    Li, the founder of the cult is the prime example of the hypocrisy that lies
    in this cult. He fled China for his own safety and abdicated power to the
    subordinates to continue his climb to supremacy as the leader of the world
    (this rather remind me of that cartoon with two lab mice, the evil one
    always contemplate ways to take over the world, with the help of Binky the
    stupid and clumsy rat; but he fails in every episode, of course, for the
    good wins out of pure intelligence). However I have no doubt in my mind that
    he is just a power and money hungered man who strived to become the best,
    but through ways unimaginable- by inventing an ludicrous religion that some
    people of the world are blinded enough to die for. His theory in that the
    planets would move into a straight line is preposterous and impossible in
    terms of the law of physics set centuries ago. And the inadequacies in his
    books are derisory for actual human beings to believe in. He saw the poor
    peoples' need for reassurance and told them that if they practised the
    rituals, they would be free from diseases. It is a cliché, but if your wife
    or sister or maybe your child is suffering from, lets say, tetanus, but
    believes in FaLunGong, and refuses medical help, but to practise the silly
    moves in order to beat the disease, until of course, she dies! Would you let
    her proceed with this? And die, not finding out the truth?

    Li's ideas would have been invented a long, long time ago, but only his
    worked because of the current rebellious situation in China, when the people
    are most vulnerable. I'm furious at the fact that people would want to die
    for such a stupid cause, and not live happily but to seek ways in which to
    escape the life that they were blessed with. And the comments on caste
    system contradict the real situation people are put into with FLG. Peasants
    are more likely to follow Li, than a 'city dweller', and if you really want
    them to live without this, then perhaps you should stop encouraging the
    mediocre religion. And maybe lead Xiang Xia Ren to a better life than to
    view the world from the anti-communism-everything perspective, after all
    communism will eventually falter on it self if no progress is made. Just
    like the dynasties, eventually natural selection will happen, just on a
    larger scale. FLG will be eliminated, no doubt.


    Reader 3:
    I was browsing for some information about the Tian'an'men Massacre when I saw your page and took a look. You have a very interesting site, featuring many issues that are considered to be very sensitive issues to the Chinese communist party, especially the issue of the Tian'an'men Massacre and Falun Gong. I am a very fortunate oversea Chinese student, because being outside of China freed me from all the lies and propaganda that the Communist party has been feeding the Chinese people ever since it came to power. I can see the real story. It is such a pity that many oversea Chinese are still very stubborn to believe that the Chinese Communist Party is good, that it represents the profound Chinese culture. I am writing this email just to tell you about a very powerful piece of work called "9 Commentaries of [on] the Chinese Communist Party". It is a serie that revealed how evil the Chinese Communist Party really is. When I read it, I was absolutely shocked to find out all so many things I didn't know before, such as how the party killed 80,000,000 Chinese people since it came to power, which was only a little more than 50 years. Many people might not believe it, but I do, because any elder Chinese who experienced the great Cultural revolution, the aftermath of the Great Leap Forward, and many over murderous movements initiated by the communist party know its true. I am sure this work will be a great source for your website :) It talked about many things including the real story of Falun Gong. I realized that you posted some negative comments on the site just to be more objective, however, I feel those are simply deceived too much by the CCP. Chinese communist party cannot represent China, and it has not spoken a single word of truth to its people. The Chinese people know its true, they are simply too scared to speak out. These are just some of my opinions, but I am rational. Thanks.



    Ah Xiang
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    Republican China in Blog Format
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